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Welcome to my website. I am really glad that you have stopped by and I am thrilled to share my world with you!


I am an integrative nutrition health coach (through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition), blogger, 200 hour YogaWorks teacher, a wife and mom to two lovely young girls. I am a California native currently living in the London, UK, after a recent 4 years in the UAE.


As an integrative health and life coach, I work with individuals (mostly women) to achieve their health and wellness goals and feel better! My coaching programs are practical with simple guidelines to start the process of implementing small yet consistent changes for big results.

As a business mentor, I help women earn money online. We work together to launch an online health and wellness business - with all the benefits of having financial and location independence. I've been lucky to have amazing mentors over the years in my corporate career and as an entrepreneur, which have prepared me well. For more information, see Work With Us.


My belief is that YOU know exactly what you want to do with your life - either with your health or your life. You have the goals but don't know exactly how to get there. You've tried and there are always roadblocks. My role is to help you actually get there. I will support you in finding the right path so you hit those goals and thrive.

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