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September 15, 2016

1 small head white cabbage

1 small head purple cabbage

3 carrots

4 tablespoons sea salt

1.5 tablespoons caraway seeds

Large glass container with lid

Sauerkraut is a relatively new discovery for me but I absolutely love it! It is so delicious and tangy and excellent on a sandwich, added to a salad, etc.

When we still lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would buy it fresh at the local health food store and it was one the most expensive items I would purchase. Later, when we moved to the Middle East, this luxury was no longer afforded since I could only find the canned version that looked nothing like the delicious fresh stuff we had back in the US. 

Out of necessity, I took the plunge into fermenting at home and started making batches at home. I followed the guidance of some friends on the basic "how to" of fermenting and also pulled from recipes online and have successfully made multiple batches in the last year. 

Fermented foods are very good for gut health and this is all mor...

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