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March 19, 2017


It is such a buzz word.

I am inspired. You inspire me. That was so inspirational.

What exactly is inspiration?

For me, inspiration is linked to motivation and action. If I am motivated and ready for action, then it translates into inspiration. Not sure how precisely the math works - inspiration + action = motivation or is it action + motivation = inspiration or ...? Either way, speaking for myself, these are the components to my personal inspiration equation.

What happens when there is no inspiration? Does it mean that also action and motivation are gone? If they are all three missing - what is the status?

Recently, I’ve felt myself without a lot of inspiration for things in life that I truly enjoy so much so that I make the time for them on a regular basis. Such as cooking, working out, practicing yoga, etc. I don’t want to call this a slump because I’ve been firing in so many other areas in my life such as this whole entrepreneurial gig and I have not totally sucked as a mom...

March 16, 2017

A super hero smoothie to help you get all the $hit done in your life and super sneakily power up the littles in the family with healthy veg.

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April 22, 2018

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