Why Work With a Health Coach?

Why would you want to work with a health coach!?

Per this article in WSJ from September 2016 (

⭐️ '“Changing health behaviors is challenging,” but wellness coaching “can help patients identify manageable ways to improve them,” says Russell S. Phillips, director of the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School.'

⭐️ "A Mayo Clinic study of 100 participants who worked with a wellness coach found that a majority had lost weight, improved nutritional habits and increased their physical activity by the end of the 12-week program. While there was some slippage in healthy behaviors at a three-month follow-up, the participants were still in better shape than before the coaching started, the study found."

➡️ Note: my program is 4 months so we will work together to keep you accountable past that critical 3 month mark.

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