Anti-Inflam Turmeric Root Smoothie

Turmeric has been the “It Girl” of the superfood party scene the last few years due to its amazing ability to decrease inflammation along with many other things. It will not only help with inflammation but aid in repairing existing free radical damage. It is also great for increasing the anti-oxidants in the body to help protect from free radicals.

I didn’t know that turmeric root existed (duh!) until I moved to the Middle East in 2014 and mistook it for ginger root in the market. Now, I am a huge fan and try to incorporate it into our diet on a regular basis.

I find that fresh turmeric root is not only wonderfully aromatic but also doesn't have that bitter, coppery taste like the powder. Putting it in smoothies definitely adds a distinct flavor, but it's really wonderful. This smoothie is so refreshing and will give your energy to move through your day like a superstar.

Below is a delicious recipe for a smoothie using grapefruit. If you don’t prefer grapefruit, you could substitute instead some carrots and it will still taste really delicious.

Anti-Inflammation Turmeric Root Smoothie

4 pink grapefruit, peeled

2 medium bananas, peeled

2 thumb size pieces of fresh turmeric root, skinned and washed

3 tablespoons flax seeds

1 liter unsweetened coconut milk

Ice cubes

Place all ingredients except ice cubes into the blender. Blend until smooth. Add ice cubes and blend again.

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