Super Hero Chocolate Smoothie

Do you feel like you need super human powers to get all the $hit in your life completed? I do.

This super hero smoothie is uh-mazing for everybody in your family. From the busy mama and papa doing it all and the little ones keeping them on their toes. It has broccoli in it (say wha?!), bananas, cinnamon, cacao.... It's full of many wonderful vitamins and nutrients to fill you up and energize you.

If you have some veg haters in the house - try this. You may be surprised at the result. Make it when no one is around, serve without any winks and proud hints of how super healthy this is (this is my MO and it doesn't help keep the secret!).

Let me drop some nutrition fact nuggets on you:

  • cacao has 40 times the anti-oxidants of blueberries

  • cacao is a mood elevator

  • cacao has moocho more calcium that cow's milk

  • broccoli has a wonderful amount of fiber to clean up the trash from your insides and help you make bountiful deposits at the toilet

  • broccoli fights cancer and builds bone health

  • avocado has heaps of heart healthy fats

  • avocados may help relieve symptoms of arthritis

As you see, you cannot go wrong with this drink. Try it out and send me a note telling me how it went.


#avocado #broccoli #superhero #smoothie #hearthealth #calcium #plantbased #antioxidents #goodfats

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