A 20/20 Mindset

I’ve been doing a lot of studying about the power of the mind. I have enjoyed so much learning that I have so much more control over myself, my life, my actions, my destiny - with just the proper management of my thoughts. I have become a student of Abraham Hicks, Jess Lively, Brooke Castillo, Stacey Smith, etc. and have slowly been implementing new habits into my day. I can’t believe how amazingly powerful this mindset shift has been so far. I feel so much more on purpose and incredibly excited about the future and what will unfold.

Getting into flow (or raising my vibe) has become easier because I’ve identified various activities that help me to get there. Yoga, taking a short nap, listening to my favorite playlist, etc. However, it’s so obvious to me that I am still a novice as I fall out and into old habits (i.e. thoughts) so quickly! I am working hard right now to shorten the span between falling out of flow, identifying where I am and finding a way to correct it.

It takes a lot of conscious mind work and was challenging as I navigated the current situation of being long-term guests in people’s homes (friends and family) while trying to sort out immigration to UK, housing in UK, new job in UK, new school in UK along with keeping up with my online business, keeping two kids alive (and hopefully still thriving)! I’ve NOT handled it all with grace and have not always been the best version of myself. So many things have fallen off the radar - starting with my own wellness routine, a good friend’s birthday, reading to my daughter, etc. etc.

Habitually, I am quite a pessimist in certain situations and this has been a big area of focus - changing the way I think and talk about a current or upcoming situation. I try to release the attachment to the outcome, trusting that everything will flow in the direction it is meant to. This is really hard to a Type A control freak!

A perfect example is one of my most recent adventures relating to this international move that happened right before we landed in the UK....

I found myself suddenly on an overnight bus from Galicia to Madrid (Spain). The trip was a last minute decision to make a visit to the American Embassy in order to get an emergency passport. My initial request for a visa into the UK was rejected due to a fudge up by the immigration lawyer. I was made aware that it could take a few more weeks to receive my passport back from the center that performs the administration of visa requests on behalf of the UK government. Obviously, I would need the passport to get into the UK and also did not want to spend the next few weeks sitting around in Spain waiting for said passport when there is so much to do in London with a new home to organize and the kids starting school.

The 24 hour adventure went as follows:

  • Bus departed 11 pm Thursday evening.

  • Bus arrived at 6 am Friday. I had nowhere to go until the opening of the American Embassy at 8 am so I hung out in the only open cafeteria in the bus station for 2 hours, drinking cafe con leche, sparkling water and toasted bread with crushed tomatoes, olive oil and salt. (It is as good as it sounds.)

  • 8 am I headed to the Embassy and had a smooth visit that ended with an emergency passport in hand that is valid for one year. Now I was positive I'd have not more road blocks to get into the UK.

  • 11:30 am I headed to a restaurant and had a celebratory lunch of veggie nachos and a beer as a celebration.

  • 1 pm I then took a taxi to the bus station and had the absolute sweetest and most interesting taxi driver. He has two grown daughters that he was so proud of and gave me so much lovely advice about parenting two girls and told me to chill out, stop worrying and enjoy the ride. It was so heartwarming.

  • 2:30 pm I jumped on the bus for an 8+ hour return trip to Galicia with frequent stops for the driver to smoke and have a coffee.

This trip was a personal success for reasons other than the fact that I accomplished my mission. I had fun. I focused on the positive and did not worry, which was key. I released the thoughts of WHAT IF THIS DOESN’T GO TO PLAN? WHAT IF I AM STILL HERE DOING THE SAME THING IN 2 WEEKS? WHAT IF….eep! I did have some stressful moments that I spun out but I recovered faster that I would have in the past.

I had the best proof that I had implemented some of this mindset work - regarding the overnight bus trip. I initially approached it with dread - on a bus all night and then doing errands all day. I chose to focus on what I could get done in the hours I was not sleeping and also the pleasure of traveling without kids. When I got on the bus, I was astounded as it was literally like going business class! The seats were full leather, free wifi, small TV screens AND it was 70% empty so I had space to stretch out. I enjoyed it to the fullest and it was truly luxurious!

I am so thankful for all the personal development I’ve taken on these last few years. I love seeing small shifts that are happening even in the moments that are some of the most monumental in my life - like a months’-long international move. Learning has always been a passion of mine but I did lose that part of me in the early years of mommy-hood of my two girls. Thankfully, I have a newfound understanding of how important it is.

What you are doing for personal or spiritual development? I’d love to hear what keeps you thriving and growing!

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