The HealthStyle Emporium was created based on the idea that anyone globally is able to build a successful online business and run it from anywhere in the world. Having your own truly "location independent" company is a transformational and cutting edge professional experience. 

This project seeks to incorporate like-minded entrepreneurs that are ready to move their business to the next level- whether established or in the beginning phase. You will be paired with a mentor that will guide you through the training program and further as you meet your set milestones. Business isn't a journey through increasing dollars in the bank account, its much so deeper than that, business is a journey of self discovery, deep soul searching, finding ones self, learning new lessons and being dealt cards that will push you to your boundaries. That’s why we love our tribe, because we’re there for one another, every step of the way to raise each other up, especially when the yellow brick road comes to a road block.


Do you or are you:

  • Currently looking at pursuing a new career or wanting to start a new business?

  • A big believer in leading a life of overall health and wellness?

  • Desperately want to increase your wealth to fund the lifestyle you dream of for yourself and/or your family?

  • Sick of working to build someone else's empire and want to start creating your own?

  • Want somebody who is already in the business to coach and mentor you on your own journey?

  • Want to gain a better work/life balance?

  • Are you self motivated and determined to transform your success and life?

If you are:

  1. Teachable

  2. Willing

  3. Full of desire to help people meet their health and wellness goals

What is included?

  • A mentor to hold you accountable and coach you one on one to reach your goals,

  • An established business structure and service has been proven to work for over 20 years,

  • Weekly training calls,

  • Easy to follow training manual,

  • Webinars and challenges on goal setting, visualization and practicing gratitude – being the proven recipe to manifest those big dreams,

  • A personalized goal setting plan,

  • Resources to assist with your own brand image and marketing strategies,

  • Social media marketing and networking training,

  • Opportunities to build professional networks with some of the most successful women in the health and wellness industry,

  • Regular updates of events, books and audios for your own personal development, supporting you to become the person to need to be to attain the life you want to live, and

  • Access to our holistic health & nutrition program, The Healthstyle Emporium, to ensure your mind, body and soul are fueled to keep up with the demands of running an empire.

What will it take to succeed?


We want to invest our blood, sweat and in tears into mentoring you because your success is our success – consequently we have an intake each month with limited positions. Send an email to to express your interest.

Wishing you an abundance of health, wealth and love…

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By Danielle

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